What are the best types of flowers to give to a loved one?

No matter what the occasion, flowers are the perfect choice of gift for your loved one. The best type to give depends on the recipient, with roses a traditional choice for lovers, whilst lilies are often given to a grieving friend after the loss of their loved one. The right choice of colour scheme is also important when selecting the type of blooms you want to send, with many florists now even dying petals more vibrant shades to enhance the colours of their bouquets.loved one
For an occasion such as Mothers Day, floral arrangements in pinks and yellows are popular, using carnations, lilacs and irises. These types of blooms are also excellent when sending a birthday bouquet too for mothers, girlfriends and sisters alike. Sending flowers after the birth of a baby is also a lovely choice of gift, with the pinks of lilacs and orchids beautiful for girls, with blue orchids and germini perfect to commemorate the birth of a boy.
Seasonal bouquets are a great option when sending to loved ones in celebration of certain times of the year. Tulips and lilies celebrate new life and are perfect for giving in the spring time at Easter, whilst festive blooms are ideal for sending seasons greetings to your loved one over the Christmas period, with the usual holly and ivy sprigs joined by chrysanthemums, alstroemeria and gypsophila, with a red and green colour scheme to reflect this festive time of year.
With so much choice on offer, it is now even easier to choose the best type of bouquet to send to your loved one. Florists can create magnificent displays to send as gifts, but you needn’t spend a fortune to show your loved one you care. Giving bunches of picked wild flowers is also a great option, with snowdrops, bluebells and home grown roses just as beautiful.

Is using a loan to buy your plants in your garden a good idea?

If you have a home with a garden, you will instantly know both what a blessing and a curse it is. Gardens looks beautiful, however unless you have either a love of gardening or the ability to employ a gardener, you will soon realise that gardening can take a lot of time to make not a great deal of difference. The easiest way to tame a garden – cutting back, weeding and rotavating – can leave your garden looking worse than it did before, barren and stark. Unless you want to grow fruit and vegetables, the design many people opt for is one that requires minimum maintenance but maximum return. However, growing plants from seed is not really an option to keep a garden looking green and pleasant, with more mature specimens really the best option, though this can be expensive.loan to buy plants

Whilst the garden is unlikely to be the first thing you look at when you move into a new property, it will no doubt become important soon after, as you mould your dream home. Plants are not cheap and you will need to carefully consider all options, including loans, when you think whether you can afford them. It may seem a bit extreme to suggest a loan to fill your garden with plants, but for many people, a nice vista is important and what’s more, an attractive garden can both provide somewhere enjoyable to spend your leisure time as well as adding value to your property. Whether you opt for just plants, or additional items such as sheds or arches and other architectural features, the bill for making over your garden is unlikely to be small, but the benefits of creating such a pleasant outdoor space are likely to make it worthwhile, whether you take out a loan to pay for it or not.

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What are the best types of plants to give as gifts?

Unless you are giving plant gifts to someone who you know is a dedicated gardener, it’s often best to play safe and give a potted plant. The ideal household greenery is easy to look after, attractive and possibly even serves a purpose, such as being fragrant or edible.

If the plant gifts will be given during a particular season, you could tailor your choice to make it appropriate to the celebration. At Christmas, many people give the bright and cheerful Poinsettia to family or friends. The green and red foliage looks especially festive and they are available extremely reasonably at almost every supermarket, from around November. Similarly, the Christmas Cactus is another plant that flowers during the winter and reveals a variety of vivid shades, making it a favoured holiday gift.give as gifts

Whatever the time of year, everyone likes to have some luck in their lives. It is said that giving a Bamboo as a plant gift is the ideal way to bring happiness and prosperity into a home. Moreover, the ornamental varieties look great and require very little maintenance.

Basil is one of the key ingredients in many delicious dishes. For a person who loves to experiment in the kitchen, receiving this herb will not only fill their home with a heady, sweet aroma, but also provide a functional use. Basil is a pick and grow plant, meaning it can survive losing a few leaves to the cooking pot now and again without suffering any ill effects.

As a romantic gift, a small rose can be an ideal longer lasting alternative to cut flowers. The delicate little blooms are a delightful addition to any interior design theme, bringing the scent and timeless beauty of this iconic flower indoors.

Plants are an economical and functional gift, which simply ask for regular watering. Without costing the earth they have the potential to be around for years, freshening the air and lifting the mood in any room.